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Video for Marketing

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The videos we produce for marketing purposes are a creative, engaging way to help build brand and product awareness. They can be used as a sales tool in your tradeshow booth, at sales presentations, or at live events to promote your organization, introduce a new product or service, communicate your mission, or attract new donors or members.

One of the most fun and rewarding ways to increase brand awareness is with viral videos. They are funny, creative, and interesting, and, as a result, they are quickly passed around from one person to another (hence the term viral video). These videos have the potential to drive a great deal of traffic to your website.

Capture Video’s full range of marketing video capabilities will get you noticed—in a good way.

We produce:

  • Conference and Event Videos
  • Mission Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Promotional and Sales Videos
  • Viral Videos
Video for SEO

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If you’re still on the fence about using online video, consider this: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, as measured by number of searches, due to the can’t-get-enough popularity of online video.

If that doesn’t convince you, think about this as well: Your website is 50 times more likely to be found on the first page of a search engine’s results page if it contains video.  Without at least one video on your website, you are losing out on a great opportunity to rise to the top of search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization also rewards backlinks (links from other websites to your website), and online video is a powerful linking tool.

Capture Video creates videos for SEO.  Because search engines reward websites that contain video with higher search rankings, a video on your website will greatly increase your visibility online, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads.

Video for Training

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Producing training and educational videos that contain important information and keep your audience focused and awake can sometimes seem like a tall order to fill.  With Capture Video’s know-how, your organization can confidently use the standardized content and messaging of training and educational videos to teach, motivate, and communicate with your employees or clients.

Training Videos

Training videos can save your company money and increase the effectiveness of your training programs. Replacing instructor-led presentations with video allows you to recoup 50 to70% of costs, ensures consistency of content, and increases the availability of just-in-time training for new hires and tenured employees.

Educational Courses

Because not everyone who wants to attend your in-person course, conference, or educational seminar can do so, you not only lose out a potentially large audience, you also lose revenue.
By recording your educational program for a DVD or web-based video, you will increase your revenue and the availability of continuing education materials in your field.

The Benefits of E-Learning

  • DVDs and web-based videos teach, train, and deliver assessments anytime and anywhere.
  • The e-learning platform is built once and delivered often at a relatively low cost.
  • Content can be updated quickly and easily.
  • Video of your live presenter can be integrated with slides, text, and other material for a complete learning experience.
  • Content is consistently delivered without the variables you get from using multiple instructors or presenters.
Live Event Video

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Organizations use live event videos for 3 purposes: to videotape an event, to live stream an event, and to show a video at an event.  Capture Video offers all 3 services, and can provide from one camera person and up to ten, with sound equipment, lighting, live switching, live streaming, and more.

Live streaming of an event can be offered free or as pay-per-view for those people who could not attend but still want to view the event in real time.  Videotaped footage, including of an event that was streamed, can be used to promote future events, gather video testimonials from attendees or presenters, and archive educational information for future training or viewing.

Capture Video also creates videos to show at live events, including mission videos for non-profit galas, awards videos for end-of -year or “best of” events, and sales videos for marketing purposes.

Construction Video

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Construction, Leasing & Quality Assurance Clients Use Video

  • To Archive the Construction Process
  • For Maintenance Staff Training
  • As A Critical Installation Document
  • For Safety Training
  • To Document the Insurance Walkthrough
  • As A Risk Management Document

Capture Video has worked with J.E. Richards, Johnson Controls, Pierce Associates and Truland Systems, among many other construction and engineering firms.

Capture Video also provides Promotional Tools, Time Lapse Footage and 3D Modeling for our Engineering and Building clients.

“Capture-video has done a wonderful job filming all of our mechanical training sessions since 2009. It is great to find a company who will always give us good quality work for a fair price. They understand the importance of the job specifications and adhere to them without any flaws. They come prepared to every shoot on time, with their PPE, and ready to work. I would recommend them for any type of construction video shoot that needs to be performed to include training, safety, or recording daily videos of your job progress”.

Pierce Associates, Inc.
Mechanical Contractor