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Who we Are Why Should You Use a Video Professional?

Here are a few reasons why you should use a video professional:

  • A well-made video burnishes your reputation, while a poorly made video could ruin it.
  • Your videos directly represent the quality of your organization, employees, products, and services.
  • People have short-attention spans. Poorly made or boring videos will lose viewers’ interest quickly, and they will not finish watching it.
  • Interesting videos are shared.
  • A professional video production team stays current with the latest trends, like augmented reality, and understands how to best use the newest technology.
  • Experienced professionals can recommend the marketing or educational tools that most effectively meet your needs.

“Jessica-I cannot thank you and the staff at Capture Video enough for doing such an amazing job on our video project. You were able to deliver exactly what we needed, when we needed it and within budget. During every stage of the production process-from conception to finalization, you were professional, knowledgeable, dependable, and solution-oriented, regardless of the obstacles we encountered. We are extremely proud and invariably delighted with the end results!” 

Erayna Poles Grant
Family Court Division
Superior Court of the District of Columbia